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12th August - 15th August 2024
(9 am to 4 pm)


We are excited to announce that registration for our SUMMER ART AND CERAMICS CAMP, running from 12 August 2024 - 15 August 2024, is open! The camp is open to children aged 6 - 14 years old. 

The camp will run from 9 am to 4 pm, Monday to Thursday. There will be a break for lunch.

Our program promises a rich and immersive art experience that kids will love! We will cover a variety of techniques and skills, ensuring an interesting and fun exploration of fine arts including ceramics.


  • Watercolour Textures: Children will explore the delicate and versatile medium of watercolour, learning various techniques to create stunning textures and effects. They will experiment with different techniques to produce vibrant, abstract and intuitive artworks.

  • Gelli-Plate Printmaking: This is an exciting and non-toxic printmaking method that allows kids to be very imaginative and creative. The children will explore creating botanical prints and other abstract mixed-media pieces. They will also explore a variety of techniques, including masking, collaging, and stencilling.

  • 2D and 3D Collages: In this activity, children will get creative with 2D and 3D collages. They will have the chance to create their own unique abstract art pieces through cutting, assembling, and layering. For those interested in 3D collages, we will be using paper sculpture and origami to create their imaginative 3D worlds.

  • Acrylic Painting: In this session, children will learn to work with acrylics, creating art on paper and canvas boards. They will receive individual guidance as they develop their own ideas. They can choose to focus on any subject they prefer: landscapes, abstract art, animals, or birds. They will learn how to mix and blend colours and create textures with paint.

  • Abstract Portraits: The children will draw and paint portraits inspired by the works of artists Paul Klee and Pablo Picasso. They will experiment with color, line, and form in their portraits.


  • Ceramics workshops (9 hours) - Children will learn various hand-building techniques to handle stoneware clay. They will work on projects such as masks, coiled bowls, painting and decorating ceramics. The fired pieces will be glazed by us and can be picked up at a later date after the camp. 


  • A packed lunch and a bottle of water; snacks will be provided.

  • Wear old clothing or bring an apron. 

  • Lots of enthusiasm :)

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