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We are a non-profit association in Zug. 


Our mission is to foster an inclusive, nurturing environment that encourages self-expression, exploration, and the development of creative confidence in children. We aim to empower children to discover their unique artistic voice. We aim to cultivate creativity that we hope will extend beyond the confines of our workshops. We firmly believe in the lifelong, transformative power of art!


Our vision is to build a world where every child is endowed with creative confidence, a gift that will enrich their lives indefinitely. We strive to become a local community hub that not only bridges artists and children but also fosters an appreciation for the arts. We aim to provide a flexible platform for artists to share their knowledge, while concurrently promoting their art and careers.


Shelley Poddar

Shelley has nurtured a lifelong passion for the arts. She studied Art and Design at the University of the Arts, London (UAL), and then also received a Professional Photography qualification from SPEOS, Paris.


She was a Professional Photographer for many years. During this time, she worked on many interesting assignments, won some awards, and had her work published in publications like Top Gear. She has exhibited her work in London, Paris, and Zug.

In 2016, she had an art exhibition in Zug where she was requested by mothers to start an art club. Shelley agreed and ran an art club from her home for 4 years. In 2023, Zug Art Club was born – bigger and better than before!

Art has always been in her life and she strongly believes in the transformative power of art. Shelley is a seasoned artist proficient in a diverse range of mediums, including oils, acrylics, watercolours, gouache and mixed media. She is also skilled in both digital and film photography.

Her mission is to inspire and teach others to become creatively confident, embrace their curiosity, and engage in a lifelong journey of learning and discovery.



Provide an inclusive space where all children feel welcomed, accepted and valued. 


Celebrate diversity and encourage students to explore various art movements.


Promote a culture of experimentation and innovation.


Cultivate a growth mindset in our students while encouraging their never-ending curiousity.


Empower students with a strong sense of creative confidence.


Strive to build a community of artists, children and parents.

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